What are the different types of industrial doors available on the market?

An industrial door allows access to your warehouse, production site, or other commercial space. The door gives people a quick and efficient way to enter while being very secure. There are many types of industrial doors. The ranges are expanding,…

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PLA, an ideal filament for beginners in 3D printing!

PLA is a type of biobased material that is fairly recent and is used extensively in industry, especially in 3D printing. In fact, it is the most common type of 3D printer filament and is very popular with beginners. Available…

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Case making: the different techniques of case manufacturing

Many products are shipped all over the world. To ensure that they arrive in perfect condition at the place of shipment, it is advisable to pack them in boxes. A detailed processing program and the right processing equipment are crucial…

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Cleaning industrial filters: how to proceed?

Industrial cleanliness is a fundamental element, both for the proper functioning of the company and for its brand image. To achieve this, filters of different types act as purifiers. The industrial filters may clog up after retaining a lot of…

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The uses of hot melt glue

To make the realization of various gluing or assembling tasks easier and to guarantee the quality of the finish, there are currently different modern and very efficient tools on the market. Among these tools is the hot melt glue. It…

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