Stereolithography: Why this technology?

Companies and industries in a number of sectors are now using stereolithography. It is a 3D printing technique that distinguishes itself by its innumerable assets. For your products, prototypes, and small and medium series, stereolithography is the solution. This technology is very popular because of its ability to produce isotropic and watertight parts and prototypes of high precision. Find out more about the benefits of stereolithography before using it for your projects or mock-ups. 

Stereolithography: A Fast and Accurate SLA Technique

Stereolithography is greatly appreciated by professionals because of its high precision and fine details. It is the 3D printing technique that allows us to obtain prototypes with a very realistic finish. It also guarantees complex geometric shapes that meet all the needs of companies and industries. If you need a component to be delivered quickly, this technique is the best option. It uses a 3D printer that emits a jet of resin capable of sculpting the part you want to print. The result has an unmistakable surface and can be produced in no time through this specific device. Indeed, the 3D printing SLA induces the formation of a thin layer of photopolymer. Therefore, you can realize all your projects, precisely and quickly, by using stereolithography.

Enjoy high-quality SLA 3D printing

Opting for the SLA 3D printing technology ensures the quality of the printed part. It uses alternative materials such as stereolithography resins to do this. These are those that allow the realization of parts of impeccable quality and functional surface. It is the solution to making very detailed prototypes requiring optimal precision. Indeed, stereolithography is often used to sculpt jewelry shapes and to create prototypes for functional testing. It is also used to print wax patterns for the purpose of producing objects from metal. It is useful for professionals in the food industry, medicine, and many others. In addition, this 3D printing technology allows you to benefit from a smoothly rendered part.

Enjoy unique 3D printing from stereolithography resin materials

Stereolithography or SLA uses resins to create the parts to be printed. By using this technology, you can guarantee unique, designer 3D prints from stereolithography resins. Depending on the application, you can choose between different types of resins, such as standard resins for detailed prototypes or non-functional models. There are also technical resins for more robust, flexible, and high-temperature applications. If you need to create jewelry shapes, scale models, or investment casting applications, use castable stereolithography resins. So if you want to take advantage of the real benefits of this technology at your facility, it's best to find a training center for SLA printing techniques.

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